JDFTx  1.3.1
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pcm-params <key1> <value1> <key2> <value2> ...


Adjust PCM solvent parameters. Possible keys and value types are:

  • cavityPressure: effective pressure on the cavity (hartree per bohr^3) for SCCS
  • cavityTension : effective surface tension (including dispersion etc.) of the cavity (hartree per bohr^2)
  • eta_wDiel : fit parameter for dielectric cavity in CANDLE
  • lMax : angular momentum truncation in SaLSA
  • nc : critical density for the PCM cavity shape function
  • pCavity : sensitivity of cavity to surface electric fields [a.u.] in CANDLE
  • rhoDelta : electron density change (bohr^-3) for SCCS cavity area calculation
  • rhoMin : max electron density (bohr^-3) for SCCS cavity switching function
  • screenOverride: overrides the screening length calculated from fluid-components
  • sigma : smoothing factor for the PCM cavity shape function
  • sqrtC6eff : sqrt(effective molecule C6 coefficient) for CANDLE
  • Ztot : total valence charge on the solvent, used by CANDLE

Any number of these key-value pairs may be specified in any order.


Requires:     fluid-solvent

Forbids:     (None)

Allow multiple:    no

Default:     (None)

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