JDFTx  1.4.2
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    Generate a k-point path for band structure plots. Usage:

            bandstructKpoints <inFile> <dk> <outfilePrefix>

    <inFile> should contain a list of kpoints in the JDFTx syntax,
    except with the weight replaced by a label eg. Gamma, X, L etc.
    <dk> is the typical dimensionless separation (BZ~1) between k-points.

    The script will generate <outfilePrefix>.kpoints containing a list
    of kpoints in JDFTx input format and a gnuplot script <outfilePrefix>.plot
    to plot the resulting bandstructure. Note that the plot script assumes
    that the JDFTx run will produce <outfilePrefix>.eigenvals, so you may need
    to set the dump-name in the JDFTx run, move the file or edit the plot script.