JDFTx  1.4.2
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    Convert binary output from JDFTx to plain text. Specifically useful for
    reading / processing eigenvalues and fillings. Usage:

            binaryToText <inFile> [<innerDim>=1] [<dataOrder>=C]

    Without the optional arguments, the script will write the contents of <inFile>
    in plain text form in a single row to standard output, which can of course be
    redirected to an output file of choice. The optional arguments allow the output
    to be cast as a matrix and determine the dimensions and order of output.

            <innerDim>: length of the inner (faster) dimension. This should be set
                    to the number of bands for fillings / eigenvalue files.

            <dataOrder> = C | Fortran: In C order, the inner dimension stretches
                     across rows, whereas in Fortran order it stretches across columns.

    This script requires GNU Octave to be installed and in the current path.