JDFTx  1.4.2
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|o*command.hProvides the base class and various helpers for defining commands in the input file
|o*minimize.hProvides base class for defining the minimize commands
|o*ParamList.hHelper class for parsing command lines in input file
|\*parser.hFunctions for parsing JDFTx input files
|o*BlasExtra.hCommonly used BLAS-like routines
|o*Coulomb.hCoulomb interactions in various geometries
|o*Coulomb_internal.hShared inline functions / internal declarations for Coulomb framework
|o*EnergyComponents.hRepresent components of the (free) energy
|o*GpuKernelUtils.hCommon utility functions/macros for the gpu kernels and launchers in the .cu files
|o*H5io.hHDF5 helper routines
|o*LatticeUtils.hMiscellaneous utilities relating to properties of Bravais Lattices
|o*ManagedMemory.hBase class and operators for managed-memory objects
|o*matrix3.h3x3 matrices with CPU and GPU operators
|o*Minimize.hNonlinear minimization and linear solve templates
|o*MPIUtil.hHelper classes for MPI parallelization
|o*Operators.hOperators on ScalarField's and ScalarFieldTilde's
|o*scalar.hComplex numbers with CPU and GPU operators
|o*ScalarField.hReal and complex scalar fields in real and reciprocal space
|o*ScalarFieldArray.hVariable length arrays of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTildeArray, and their operators
|o*ScalarFieldIO.hI/O utilities for the data arrays
|o*Spline.hSpline interpolation routines
|o*string.hSTL strings and streams with case insensitive comparison
|o*tensor3.hSymmetric traceless tensor with CPU and GPU operators
|o*Thread.hUtilities for threading (wrappers around std::thread)
|o*Units.hCommonly used measurement units in terms of atomic units
|o*Util.hMiscellaneous utilities
|o*vector3.h3-vector with CPU and GPU operators
|\*VectorField.hFixed-length multiplet of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTilde, and specialization to vector fields (3-component)
|o*Euler.hVarious Euler angle related utilities
|o*Fex_LJ.hLennard-Jones fluids
|o*MixedFMT.hSphere mixture functional via (optionally soft) Fundamental Measure Theory