JDFTx  1.7.0
ColumnBundle Member List

This is the complete list of members for ColumnBundle, including all inherited members.

accumColumn(int i, int s, const complexScalarFieldTilde &)ColumnBundle
basis (defined in ColumnBundle)ColumnBundle
begin()ManagedMemory< complex >inline
begin() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
cbegin() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
cend() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
colLength() constColumnBundleinline
ColumnBundle(int nc=0, size_t len=0, const Basis *b=NULL, const QuantumNumber *q=NULL, bool onGpu=false) (defined in ColumnBundle)ColumnBundle
ColumnBundle(const ColumnBundle &)ColumnBundle
ColumnBundle(ColumnBundle &&)ColumnBundle
data()ManagedMemory< complex >inline
data() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
dataGpu()ManagedMemory< complex >inline
dataGpu() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
dataPref() (defined in ManagedMemory< complex >)ManagedMemory< complex >inline
dataPref() const (defined in ManagedMemory< complex >)ManagedMemory< complex >inline
dump(const char *fname, bool realPartOnly) constManagedMemory< complex >
end()ManagedMemory< complex >inline
end() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
getColumn(int i, int s) constColumnBundle
getSub(int colStart, int colStop) constColumnBundle
index(int i, size_t j) constColumnBundleinline
init(int nc, size_t len, const Basis *b, const QuantumNumber *q, bool onGpu=false)ColumnBundle
isOnGpu() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
isSpinor() const (defined in ColumnBundle)ColumnBundleinline
ManagedMemory()ManagedMemory< complex >inlineprotected
memFree()ManagedMemory< complex >protected
memInit(string category, size_t nElem, bool onGpu=false)ManagedMemory< complex >protected
memMove(ManagedMemory< complex > &&)ManagedMemory< complex >protected
nCols() constColumnBundleinline
nData() constManagedMemory< complex >inline
operator bool() constColumnBundleinlineexplicit
operator=(const ColumnBundle &)ColumnBundle
operator=(ColumnBundle &&)ColumnBundle
qnum (defined in ColumnBundle)ColumnBundle
randomize(int colStart, int colStop)ColumnBundle
read(const char *fname)ManagedMemory< complex >
read(FILE *filep)ManagedMemory< complex >
read_real(const char *fname)ManagedMemory< complex >
read_real(FILE *filep)ManagedMemory< complex >
setColumn(int i, int s, const complexScalarFieldTilde &)ColumnBundle
setSub(int colStart, const ColumnBundle &)ColumnBundle
similar(int ncOverride=-1) constColumnBundle
spinorLength() const (defined in ColumnBundle)ColumnBundleinline
write(const char *fname) constManagedMemory< complex >
write(FILE *filep) constManagedMemory< complex >
write_real(const char *fname) constManagedMemory< complex >
write_real(FILE *filep) constManagedMemory< complex >
zero()ManagedMemory< complex >
~ManagedMemory() (defined in ManagedMemory< complex >)ManagedMemory< complex >inlineprotected