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ExactExchange Class Reference

Exact-exchange calculator. More...

#include <ExactExchange.h>

Public Member Functions

 ExactExchange (const Everything &e)
double operator() (double aXX, double omega, const std::vector< diagMatrix > &F, const std::vector< ColumnBundle > &C, std::vector< ColumnBundle > *HC=0) const

Detailed Description

Exact-exchange calculator.

Member Function Documentation

double ExactExchange::operator() ( double  aXX,
double  omega,
const std::vector< diagMatrix > &  F,
const std::vector< ColumnBundle > &  C,
std::vector< ColumnBundle > *  HC = 0 
) const

Compute scaled exact exchange energy with scale aXX and range omega (and optionally accumulate gradients) given fillings and wavefunctions

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