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Wannier Class Reference

Compute Maximally-Localized Wannier Functions. More...

#include <Wannier.h>


struct  AtomicOrbital
struct  TrialOrbital

Public Types

enum  LocalizationMeasure { LM_FiniteDifference, LM_RealSpace }
enum  SpinMode { SpinUp, SpinDn, SpinAll }
enum  FilenameType { FilenameInit, FilenameDump }

Public Member Functions

void setup (const Everything &everything)
void saveMLWF ()
 Output the Maximally-Localized Wannier Functions from current wavefunctions.
string getFilename (FilenameType fnType, string varName, int *spin=0) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< TrialOrbitaltrialOrbitals
 group of centers
bool needAtomicOrbitals
enum Wannier::LocalizationMeasure localizationMeasure
bool precond
int bStart
double eOuterMin
double eOuterMax
 outer energy window (outside which bands do not contribute)
double eInnerMin
double eInnerMax
 inner energy window (within which all bands used)
bool outerWindow
bool innerWindow
 denotes which windows are available
int nFrozen
string frozenUfilename
 number of frozen centers, and the filename to read their rotations from
int nCenters
 total number of centers, those being optimized and frozen
bool saveWfns
 whether to write wavefunctions
bool saveWfnsRealSpace
 whether to output Wannier functions band-by-band in real-space
bool saveMomenta
 whether to output momentum matrix elements
bool saveSpin
 whether to output spin matrix elements (non-collinear only)
double z0
double zH
double zSigma
 center (lattice coords), half-width (lattice coords) and smoothness (bohrs) for slab-weight function
bool loadRotations
 whether to load initial rotations from previous dump
string initFilename
string dumpFilename
 filename patterns for input and output
string eigsFilename
 optional override for eigenvals file
string numericalOrbitalsFilename
 filename for reading numerical orbitals
vector3 numericalOrbitalsOffset
 lattice coordinates of the origin in the input
vector3< int > phononSup
 phonon supercell (process e-ph matrix elements on this supercell if non-zero)
double rSmooth
 supercell boundary width over which matrix elements are smoothed
bool wrapWS
 whether to wrap Wannier centers (and phonon atom perturbations) to a Wigner-Seitz cell
enum Wannier::SpinMode spinMode
 which spin(s) to generate Wannier functions for
std::vector< int > iSpinArr
 set of spin indices corresponding to spinMode


class WannierMinimizer
struct CommandWannierMinimize

Detailed Description

Compute Maximally-Localized Wannier Functions.

Member Function Documentation

string Wannier::getFilename ( FilenameType  fnType,
string  varName,
int *  spin = 0 
) const

Get filename for varName, based on initFilename, dumpFilename or numericalOrbitalsFilename depending on fnType Optionally include Up/Dn suffix if spin is non-null and calculation is polarized

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