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TranslationOperator Class Referenceabstract

Abstract base class for translation operators. More...

#include <TranslationOperator.h>

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TranslationOperatorFourier TranslationOperatorSpline

Public Member Functions

 TranslationOperator (const GridInfo &gInfo)
virtual void taxpy (const vector3<> &t, double alpha, const ScalarField &x, ScalarField &y) const =0

Public Attributes

const GridInfogInfo

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for translation operators.

Member Function Documentation

◆ taxpy()

virtual void TranslationOperator::taxpy ( const vector3<> &  t,
double  alpha,
const ScalarField x,
ScalarField y 
) const
pure virtual

Compute \( y += alpha T_t(x) \) , where \( T_t \) is the translation operator \( T_t(x(r)) = x(r+t) \) modulo the lattice vectors T must conserve integral(x) and satisfy \( T^{\dagger}_t = T_{-t} \) exactly for gradient correctness Note that \( T^{-1}_t = T_{-t} \) may only be approximately true for some implementations.

Implemented in TranslationOperatorFourier, and TranslationOperatorSpline.

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