JDFTx  1.7.0
ElectronScattering Struct Reference

Electron-electron scattering (ImSigma_ee) calculator. More...

#include <ElectronScattering.h>

Public Member Functions

void dump (const Everything &e)
 compute and dump Im(Sigma_ee) for each eigenstate

Public Attributes

double T
 electron temperature (set to eInfo.smearingWidth)
double eta
 frequency resolution and half the imaginary part ascribed to probe frequency
double Ecut
 energy cut-off for dielectric matrices (set to cntrl.Ecut if unspecified)
double fCut
 threshold for considering states fully occupied / unoccupied (default: 1e-6)
double omegaMax
 maximum energy transfer to account for and hence maximum frequency in dielectric grid (if zero, autodetermine from available eigenvalues)
bool RPA
 if true, ignore XC (RPA response)
bool dumpEpsilon
bool slabResponse
 whether to work in slab response output mode
double EcutTransverse
 energy cutoff in directions transverse to slab normal (same as Ecut above if unspecified)
bool computeRange
 only compute a subset of momentum transfers
size_t iqStart
size_t iqStop
 range of q to compute in the current run

Detailed Description

Electron-electron scattering (ImSigma_ee) calculator.

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