JDFTx  1.7.0
GpuLaunchConfig1D Struct Reference

1D launch configuration More...

#include <GpuKernelUtils.h>

Inheritance diagram for GpuLaunchConfig1D:

Public Member Functions

template<typename GpuKernel >
 GpuLaunchConfig1D (GpuKernel *gpuKernel, int N)
 Set up blocks and grid for a 1D operation over N data points.
- Public Member Functions inherited from GpuLaunchConfig
template<typename GpuKernel >
 GpuLaunchConfig (GpuKernel *gpuKernel)
 Initialize the device and function properties.

Public Attributes

dim3 nPerBlock
 dimension of block
dim3 nBlocks
 dimension of grid (note nBlocks could be 3D for really large kernels)
- Public Attributes inherited from GpuLaunchConfig
cudaFuncAttributes attr
 attributes of the function

Detailed Description

1D launch configuration

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