JDFTx  1.7.0
matrixScaledTransOp Struct Reference

Matrix with pending scale, submatrix and/or transpose operations. More...

#include <matrix.h>

Public Member Functions

int nRows () const
int nCols () const
complex conjOp (complex a) const
 return conjugate if op requires it
int index (int i, int j) const
 Index to mat.data() with transpose/submatrix.
 matrixScaledTransOp (const matrix &mat, double scale=1., CBLAS_TRANSPOSE op=CblasNoTrans)
 Create from a matrix with an optional scale and op:
 matrixScaledTransOp (const scaled< matrix > &smat, CBLAS_TRANSPOSE op=CblasNoTrans)
 Create from a scaled matrix, with an optional op.
 matrixScaledTransOp (const matrix &mat, int iStart, int iStop, int jStart, int jStop, double scale=1.)
 Create from a matrix with sub-matrix indexing and an optional scale.
 operator matrix () const
 convert to matrix
matrixScaledTransOpoperator*= (double s)
matrixScaledTransOp operator* (double s) const

Public Attributes

const matrixmat
double scale
 pending scale factor
int iStart
int iDelta
int jStart
int jDelta
 sub-matrix indexing (applies to mat before transpose)
 pending operation (none, transpose or dagger)


matrixScaledTransOp operator* (double s, const matrixScaledTransOp &A)

Detailed Description

Matrix with pending scale, submatrix and/or transpose operations.

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