JDFTx  1.7.0
nAugmentGradFunctor Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

__hostanddev__ nAugmentGradFunctor (const vector3<> &qvec, int nCoeff, double dGinv, const double *nRadial, const complex &E_n, double *E_nRadial, int dotPrefac, bool calcStress)
template<int lm>
__hostanddev__ void operator() (const StaticLoopYlmTag< lm > &)

Public Attributes

vector3 qhat
double q
double qInv
int nCoeff
double dGinv
const double * nRadial
complex E_n
complex nE_n
vector3 nPrimeE_n
double * E_nRadial
int dotPrefac
bool calcStress

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