JDFTx  1.7.0
core Directory Reference


file  BlasExtra.h
 Commonly used BLAS-like routines.
file  Blip.h
file  Coulomb.h
 Coulomb interactions in various geometries.
file  Coulomb_internal.h
 Shared inline functions / internal declarations for Coulomb framework.
file  CoulombIsolated.h
file  CoulombKernel.h
file  CoulombPeriodic.h
file  CoulombSlab.h
file  CoulombWire.h
file  EnergyComponents.h
 Represent components of the (free) energy.
file  GpuKernelUtils.h
 Common utility functions/macros for the gpu kernels and launchers in the .cu files.
file  GpuUtil.h
file  H5io.h
 HDF5 helper routines.
file  LatticeUtils.h
 Miscellaneous utilities relating to properties of Bravais Lattices.
file  LoopMacros.h
file  ManagedMemory.h
 Base class and operators for managed-memory objects.
file  matrix.h
file  matrix3.h
 3x3 matrices with CPU and GPU operators
file  Minimize.h
 Nonlinear minimization and linear solve templates.
file  MPIUtil.h
 Helper classes for MPI parallelization.
file  Operators.h
 Operators on ScalarField's and ScalarFieldTilde's.
file  RadialFunction.h
file  scalar.h
 Complex numbers with CPU and GPU operators.
file  ScalarField.h
 Real and complex scalar fields in real and reciprocal space.
file  ScalarFieldArray.h
 Variable length arrays of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTildeArray, and their operators.
file  ScalarFieldIO.h
 I/O utilities for the data arrays.
file  SphericalHarmonics.h
file  Spline.h
 Spline interpolation routines.
file  string.h
 STL strings and streams with case insensitive comparison.
file  tensor3.h
 Symmetric traceless tensor with CPU and GPU operators.
file  Thread.h
 Utilities for threading (wrappers around std::thread)
file  Units.h
 Commonly used measurement units in terms of atomic units.
file  Util.h
 Miscellaneous utilities.
file  vector3.h
 3-vector with CPU and GPU operators
file  VectorField.h
 Fixed-length multiplet of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTilde, and specialization to vector fields (3-component)