JDFTx  1.7.0
JeffereyAustinEOS_eval Struct Reference

Jefferey-Austin Equation of state for water. More...

#include <Fex_ScalarEOS_internal.h>

Inheritance diagram for JeffereyAustinEOS_eval:

Public Member Functions

 JeffereyAustinEOS_eval (double T)
__hostanddev__ double getVPphiInt (double n, double &VPphiInt_n) const
__hostanddev__ void operator() (int i, const double *Nbar, double *Aex, double *Aex_Nbar, double Vhs) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScalarEOS_eval
double vdwRadius () const
__hostanddev__ double getAhs (double N, double &Ahs_N, double Vhs) const

Public Attributes

double alpha
double prefacHB
double prefacVW1
double prefacVW2
 prefactors to the HB and VW terms
double lambda
double C1
double nHB
double dnHB
double nc
double VPzi
 vapor-pressure correction temperature dependent prefactor
- Public Attributes inherited from ScalarEOS_eval
double T
double b
 temperature and exclusion volume

Detailed Description

Jefferey-Austin Equation of state for water.

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