JDFTx  1.7.0
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 command.hProvides the base class and various helpers for defining commands in the input file
 minimize.hProvides base class for defining the minimize commands
 ParamList.hHelper class for parsing command lines in input file
 parser.hFunctions for parsing JDFTx input files
 BlasExtra.hCommonly used BLAS-like routines
 Coulomb.hCoulomb interactions in various geometries
 Coulomb_internal.hShared inline functions / internal declarations for Coulomb framework
 EnergyComponents.hRepresent components of the (free) energy
 GpuKernelUtils.hCommon utility functions/macros for the gpu kernels and launchers in the .cu files
 H5io.hHDF5 helper routines
 LatticeUtils.hMiscellaneous utilities relating to properties of Bravais Lattices
 ManagedMemory.hBase class and operators for managed-memory objects
 matrix3.h3x3 matrices with CPU and GPU operators
 Minimize.hNonlinear minimization and linear solve templates
 MPIUtil.hHelper classes for MPI parallelization
 Operators.hOperators on ScalarField's and ScalarFieldTilde's
 scalar.hComplex numbers with CPU and GPU operators
 ScalarField.hReal and complex scalar fields in real and reciprocal space
 ScalarFieldArray.hVariable length arrays of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTildeArray, and their operators
 ScalarFieldIO.hI/O utilities for the data arrays
 Spline.hSpline interpolation routines
 string.hSTL strings and streams with case insensitive comparison
 tensor3.hSymmetric traceless tensor with CPU and GPU operators
 Thread.hUtilities for threading (wrappers around std::thread)
 Units.hCommonly used measurement units in terms of atomic units
 Util.hMiscellaneous utilities
 vector3.h3-vector with CPU and GPU operators
 VectorField.hFixed-length multiplet of ScalarField and ScalarFieldTilde, and specialization to vector fields (3-component)
 Euler.hVarious Euler angle related utilities
 Fex_LJ.hLennard-Jones fluids
 MixedFMT.hSphere mixture functional via (optionally soft) Fundamental Measure Theory